When seconds count, what‘s your plan?


  • 35-minute expert-led training for your staff and churchgoers
  • Promotional packet to promote your training times and locations
  • Link to request free e-book "Building and Training Your Hospitality/Security Team"

  • One-time $249 cost grants unlimited viewing at your church
  • Streaming link of the training and materials can be easily shared within your organization

  • Bill Worth - Lead Instructor at Countermeasure Consulting Group
  • Developed by a team of law enforcement and active shooter experts


Surveys show that church leaders, from across the United States, are concerned about the safety of their congregation in regard to terror and violence. The key to surviving an attack from an active shooter or a terrorist is preparation; knowing what to do. This training is designed to help you do just that.

Throughout this presentation the word church is used; however, the plan of action detailed applies to every house of worship, your workplace, school, shopping venue, movie theater and restaurant you or your family may visit.

About the presenter

Photo Bill WorthBill Worth and his team of current and former law enforcement officers, Secret Service, top-tier military, lawyers, and psychologists have condensed thousands of hours of research into 35 minutes of focused, real-world instruction. The object is to equip you with the basic components necessary to increase your odds of surviving an act of violence.


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Preaching the Word of God. Caring for the poor. Teaching our children. Taking the gospel to our neighbors and around the world. No one would dispute that these are the essentials of church ministry. But what about protecting the flock from a violent attack? Your Church: The Softest Target in America will demonstrate the urgency of training the staff and people of any church to be ready if such an unspeakable event occurs. This video will provide you with the nuts and bolts to lay the groundwork for a security ministry in your church.

Michael G. Vanlaningham, Ph.D.
Professor of Biblical Studies, Author & Pastor